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A pulp noir crime tale

set in a low fantasy world

The Long Moonlight is a 125-page novella written by RazörFist. It follows Xerdes, the thief from Menuvia, and is the first book of the NIGHTVALE series.



A sparkling gem made rough stone, seat of political power in the Kingdom of Vale.

Revolt foments among the patrician class. Open gang war looms on the horizon.

As the Argentine Tower plots revolution a lone thief with a past as dark as Menuvia itself picks the wrong lock and opens the wrong door.

Shadows still cast in the dark of night, underneath


A lone thief out to make a living in Menuvia, a city of high palaces and low living. Returning to old haunts to ply his trade, he cracks the wrong door and finds himself in the middle of imminent war. While his skills of subterfuge are self-evident, he is increasingly torn between the necessities of his vocation and his newly emerging morality.

Inspector Coggins

The cold, calculating detective assigned to investigate the exploits of the Menuvian gangland. As matters accumulate, he must confront not only open violence in the streets, but possible collaborators in his own ranks.

Cyrus Welliver

Baron of the Menuvian criminal class, his rough-and-tumble demeanor, squalid tavern headquarters, and lumbering build — bely a machiavellian intellect and capacity for circumspection. He intends his first meeting with Xerdes to be his last.

Rolf Eghenston

An austere and ambitious crime boss with myriad inroads into the Menuvian nobility and political classes. As Cy Welliver's philosophical and territorial opposite (and easily his intellectual equal), they have only recently concluded a lengthy campaign against each others' criminal enterprises. The resultant 'Night Truce' was Eghenston's formulation. But the peace it brokered is a tenuous one.


An agent of Rolf Eghenston's. Of hardy, Horrand ancestry, she was a natural enforcer for the bloody days to come. The honor code of her people forbids her profession. Clanless and disowned, she finds herself caught between the warring crime empires. With unlikely allies.

Captain Bevens

Captain of the Menuvian Guard, and Coggins' superior officer. His unbending approach to law enforcement would appear to compliment his methodical subordinate. Yet as his political considerations accumulate, it nearly as often puts them at odds.

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